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Meditational Transformation

Every responsibility and obligation as parents, children, employees, employers, creatives and or innovators that can hold great weight on us takes place in what is considered to be the most intelligent mechanism in the body; the mind. The mind not only encompasses the duty of mechanical functioning of the body, but also allows you to travel in and out of time. This function is considered transformation. In my youth, I remember watching Transformers, a show who's normalcy was constantly transitioning from it's current position/posture into a position/posture that was needed for what they were up against. This behavior can often take place in a process known as meditation. It's during meditation you can; reduce distractions, improve cognitive ability, reduce anxiety and more importantly see yourself out of what you consider problematic.

For me, finding a serene environment, often scenic, allows me to engage more with my thoughts. I tend to choose garments based on the energy I feel. Here, (vintage soccer jersey, Levi 501 jeans, Cole Haan penny loafers & jewelry by MAJA Collections) I felt like grunged athletic prep (lol). What you wear matters! I suggest selecting what comforts you; but more importantly, finding an area of tranquility. I tend to select environments with clouds, water and or greenery; natural habitation.

Love yourself enough to find a place of peace and transform!

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