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Acceptance & Validation

Cyber space has created a world within it's own galaxy; "Social Media". A world that has a speed limit allowing you to permissively exchange at the speed of light. This platform permits communication with individuals, ambassadors and companies that normally were not accessible due to exclusivity. While some view this as a welcoming invitation into the personal space of some, it is also a dose of confidence that if you are not careful, can and will produce damaging results. Who would have thought that the influence of a "like" held such validity on this era? After attentively observing social blogging patterns on ig (Instagram), it was noted that the amount of likes determine what filters, edits, angles and locations one will use in their future postings. I also noticed some images are removed if the viewers disagree with your capture of yourself (lol). It almost comes across as a silent depiction of social bullying. Keep in mind each image in social blogging tells a story without adding a caption.

Your beauty and or worth should not be measured or decreased by the validation of others. We are all created individuals with a uniqueness' that help identify us from others. It's about confidence not acceptance; confidence, not validation. Authenticity wins! Be the most authentic you confidently declaring who you are. Ugly is not an image, it's a state of being. You are beautiful, just the way you are! Be confident in that which you declare and not the declaration of others based on their perception of you. Don't show people their perception of you; show them your confidence from your state of being.

You are your ultimate acceptor and validator! Never accept a deposit that you do not approve, you can deny the transaction! Remain in full control of your confidence, regardless of the direction of "likes" from others, increase or decrease. You are liberated to be you!

Styling by: Ken J

Photography: Chris Wiggins

Clothing: (Hat: Massimo; T-shirt: Old Navy; Trousers: Ken J; Sneakers: Jack Purcells; Blazer: JF J. Ferrar Sunglasses: Ray-Ban;)

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