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Do you find yourself searching for happiness but seemingly locating satisfaction? Have you had sleepless nights because of work, family, spousal differences or feeling inadequate? Fret not, you're not a set back, you're not a loser, you're not just wasting time. Maybe you're unaware of who you are and what you are in possession of. Take a second to reintroduce your future being to your present being. You are in control of your feelings, emotions and your success. Inner strength as some may call it, is the fuel you need to propel yourself from the starting line onto the finish line. Settling is an option that you never have to accept. Shift your gears higher, gain momentum and drive into the direction of being greater than your present moment.The obtainable moment is the one you view worth ceases. As a child, seeing and saying what you were to become attaches itself with fearless living. Unlearn the fear, and aim to obtain and maintain what you visualize as your success. Sustainability is in the power of the hand who holds the gear shift. If you continue to be the driver in your vehicle of "I am" and "I can" no one thing or one person can get in your way of accomplishment. Fear, obstacles, failure, resources, reseting or tardiness don't have to be passengers. Eject each element that projects disbelief, hesitation or distraction.

Shift your gears to future, and drive through your present with speed, tenacity and strength, knowing you are able to accomplish whatever you set out to achieve. You are in control of your own success!

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