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Was there ever a time you felt inadequate? Have you ever felt like the dreams you had have never become reality? Have you ever felt like you need someone to spark the flame for you? Do you feel that your "help" is refusing to show up? Like those of you who answered "YES", be encouraged! You ARE the help that you are waiting for. Did you know that seeing it is a portion of "making it happen'? Allowing doubt and envy to filter into your process are like pouring water onto the spark that could ignite your fire. Eliminate those unwanted elements. In order for a fire to burn, it has to have a very important element that you are already in possession of... oxygen! This simple element will determine how high and how long. You don't have to await opportunity, the platform or the funding.Start by gathering your elements to start your own fire. Start your research, write a plan and constantly see your vision as a reality; perspective will be of great help. Redirect your focus from doubt and place it on the vision. Once you see your vision, breathe oxygen on it and let the fire burn!

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