Life's experiences does not offer challenges without a purpose. Each obstacle presents the opportunity for your strength to be heightened to a far greater level of empowerment. How you perceive what life hands you, will posture you for things that seem impossible. Each goal you set, seems far from your present state of being, because of how you're viewing it. Distance, speed along with what you carry with you only gives you an estimated time of arrival, not a denial of access. Based on the components you bring with you, your calculated estimation will balance out to be incorrect due to the presence of fear. Every element present can be utilized towards your accomplishing the challenge befor


When you feel you've gotten down to your lowest point in life, how you perceive it and posture yourself will determine your outcome. Consider the lowest portion of a house or skyscraper, no matter what comes, the framework remains in good tack when the foundation is strong. As long as the frame remains connected to the foundation, the building can endure the elements of each season. The outter shell may sometimes grow weak, however the building remains with the help of the foundation. Apply this to your life. If you remain connected to your core/foundation, and it remains strong, you can overcome both unpredictable and predictable occurrences; enduring. Having strong belief in what you have

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