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Is it far too often you find yourself having visions of your dream life? Have you not transitioned your vision into a reality? Would you say your ideal career seems not so ideal? Have you become frustrated and overwhelmed, feeling like you're behind in time, as if you should have done more by now? Have your visions become borderline nightmares? Do you feel you lack resources, skill, time or access? If you responded yes, this is perfect! The energy you are in possession of encompass the tools to fuel your mind to execute motion towards obtaining what you have envisioned. Your dreams from your childhood are simply your purposed reality, traveled through time to it's assigned facilitator, to raise awareness of that which you are to prepare for. Time doesn't have to be identified as a waste as long as it's extracting things not needed, yet empowering your journey with lessons resulting in maintaining what you've obtained.

Is it a coincidence that newly enlisted soldiers are giving their weapons to practice with before going to war? Is it ironic that eagles birth their young in nest that are positioned where their young are to soar; up high? A Prince is groomed to sit on a thrown that is already designed for him and it awaits his arrival. He's taught to think as a King, although his current status is Prince. Sit in retrospect, has every encounter not taught a valuable lesson? Has every test not come with elevation? I'm sure you recognize the person your are is product of purpose's process to produce the next you. Know that who you dream of becoming, is who you are! Pull on time, attracting your future to your now by thinking ahead. There is a passage in the Bible (Proverbs 23:7) encouraging self help, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Live your life from your next level thinking!

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